Oral surgery is a specialized area in the field of dentistry, which is performed worldwide by trained professionals. Oral surgeries work by performing surgical treatments for defects and injuries which can be found with both functional and aesthetic aspects that involve the following: Soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity, the head, the gums, teeth, neck, and jaw.

Oral surgery performs the following, but not limited to:wisdom teeth & dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, and oral pathology.

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Oral surgery is typically quite expensive and can set people back on their finances greatly. Typically, receiving oral surgery costs are greater than one thousand dollars, sometimes even over two thousand, depending on the type of surgery you are receiving. 

A common term you will hear from an oral surgeon is wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, or the fourth third molars, typically arrive during one's life between the ages of 17 and 25 but could be sooner or later. Most adults will have four wisdom teeth come in, but in rare cases, one may have fewer (hypodontia) or more (supernumerary teeth). 

Extraction, in common terms, is wisdom teeth removal. Extractions are typically done in your dentist's or oral surgeon's office, but some people will have them pulled in hospitals if they are a high-risk patient or are having all four wisdom teeth removed at once, as this is much more technical.