An eCommerce implementation is a core part of your eCommerce retail chain that helps you deliver products to your customers. Basically, the implementation of e-commerce is a comprehensive process that includes activities ranging from order receipt, documentation, collection, packaging to delivery of goods through logistics to a globally recognized third country.

To put it simply, initially, most online retailers used to carry stock when packing boxes in their workshops like garages, etc. While growing with millions of customers worldwide, they are considering increasing your order, exporting third-party logistics company or 3PL. You can hire the best consulting services for better performance of your company via

Predictable and accurate consistency and uniformity of order execution is the key to success to satisfy customers, gain positive feedback and multiply the market. A well-planned and professionally managed e-commerce implementation not only saves you money and time but also helps your online retail project run smoothly with increased market reach.

Having inventory on hand is critical to fulfilling orders from your retail partners. When pallets are received, they are documented, recorded in inventory, and stored on shelves and other storage units. Since you are provided with a professional eCommerce partner execution, inventory maintenance is critical to ensure order fulfillment from your trusted partner.

When a customer returns an order, the order is sent directly to the eCommerce service provider or to the point of sale where it must be evaluated. Based on the reason for the return, the quality of the item, and the return policy of the storage company, the item may be recovered as retained stock due to defects or discarded.