There is no doubt that the beauty of the flower is unmatched, both in terms of visual pleasure alone or well in terms of increasing the factor of 'good feelings' that is very important around you. It's not just one of God's biggest prizes for humanity but also the biggest gift you can offer loved ones. 

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Many flowers are known to have therapeutic effects on us. The fact that some aromatic flowers actually function as the enhancer of the mood has not been scientifically proven until modern research takes the subject. 

But it comes to think about it, interest extract has become a vital material in herbal medicine, naturopathy, or Ayurveda since age and facts just waiting to be rediscovered by new times science. Instead of any kind of useful flower – the existing referred to as therapeutic flowers.

Flower Remedies, Indian Naturopathy Indian Encyclopedia

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Flowers are not only used in treating sunburn and symptom tanning but also in some chronic and critical skin conditions. Given below is a list of several flowers with the use of their specific therapy.

  • Magnolia: Mostly used in justice cream. This is a very good drug for all types of pigmentation and helps remove dark spots.
  • Morning Glory: Helps in fighting acne.
  • Lavender: Works as medicine in eczema and also in reducing acne.
  • Rose: Rich in vitamin E, it increases the appearance and shades of skin.
  • Rosemary: Lots cultivated for their use in cooking and in perfumers, this flower from flowers helps in cell regeneration.