Financial advisors do not earn their money with a commission from the sale of financial products. Instead, they receive a flat fee from clients for the independent financial advice they provide. You can now look for a reliable advisor for financial assessment via

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Many financial advisors work on a commission basis, which means their income is directly related to the financial and investment products they sell to you. Make no mistake, they are yours; these people may be called financial advisors, but they are really just financial traders. 

Therefore, it is more profitable to recommend certain investment products based on the commissions they earn. Therefore, it is very difficult for you as a client to judge whether a specific investment recommendation from an "advisor" is the best fit for your portfolio or the most cost-effective for the advisor himself. 

In contrast, financial advisors do not sell products for a fee or earn a commission; their only source of income is their customers. Therefore, clients understand that fee advisors only work in the best interests of their clients and are not married to investment companies, products or even insurance companies. 

As a result, boards are impartial and independent with no conflicts of interest – they are free to recommend investments and products that are in the customer's best interests rather than the company's. In recent years, the term "cost-based" has been introduced by large investment intermediaries in response to the growing demand for fees alone.