A nice and simple introduction to a chatbot is that it is a new way to communicate online. It helps in building your business and marketing strategies by creating personalized messages to customers, friends, and other network members. Many people have used it for its utility to build a profile page, but they are yet to know how to use it for its other uses.

Using Messenger Bot requires users to register their profiles with a registered bot user and be connected to the same network to enable direct messaging with the bot. It works by allowing users to post messages and pictures using the bot's internal library of messages. It also supports the personalization of messages and can send links to pages and sites in the community.

The chatbot does not need any additional files or installation to function. It is completely installed on the computer and runs through a small program called the Bot Manager. The bot connects to the internet via a wireless Internet connection. The system is designed for computers that have internet access.

M.B. can send pictures and other files as emails and attachments. Users can also chat privately with their friends and build an extended network of contacts through their profiles on other networks.

It is easy to get started. To sign up, users just need to provide the person with whom they wish to send messages with their account details. Then they are prompted to log in with their preferred username and password. To upload photos and other files into the bot, users can then upload them and select from a list of photos.

It can be registered to various channels in their account like email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and MySpace. It is also possible to select to have it appear as a character in the address bar of the browser.

However, it is still good to do some research on M.B. before users start using it, as some issues may arise especially if users don't know how to avoid them.

One of the main issues with M.B is that it doesn't support typing content to be sent to other users. Users will have to fill in messages using HTML codes and then type them in using the keyboard.

Users have to ensure that they have selected the sender's name to whom they are sending messages and that they have deleted all the messages from their inbox first. They should also remember to close the messenger window after they send and receive messages. Many people accidentally send messages to people they don't recognize.

Another issue with M.B. is that it does not support a fixed range of messages. To change the limit to a particular destination, users need to search for a message or file using the main menu and then enter the destination they want.

There is also the issue of a blocked link being displayed to the other person, especially if they see the code "https". To fix this issue, users can mark the message as private, which removes the link from the message. However, this doesn't affect the recipient as they can still access the message once they remove the link.

Messaging bot has proved itself useful in building brand presence and the development of network strategies. If users can find the right Messenger Bot, they can benefit in a number of ways.