Through appropriate manners, like serving a composed 30-day notice of flooding on a tenant, a landlord could lawfully terminate a tenancy for some length of time, including a month-month tenancy.  

A landlord might not say the reason for the eviction of a home, but any motives of discriminations or retaliation in the landlord could be termed as unlawful and prohibited. You can even read about Residential MA Lease to avoid any kind of trouble in Lease.

On the flip side, some landlords may terminate the tenancy with just a 3-day warning note.  This might be due to many different legitimate reasons like failure to pay rent, any actions of breach against agreed-upon stipulations of the rent.

Renters interfering or upsetting bulk of the other renters, inducing damage to leased property, and also the most valid reason, any rental of land that's employed for illegal and illegal ways by a renter.

For renters granted a 30-day note, you need to think about the next first.  Be certain you know that the period of time for the conclusion of the tenancy.  

A good warning from the landlord may give you the time to consider what you ought to do, providing you sufficient preparations.   

If you're planning to remain, you need to know what has to be done or altered, for this matter.  What's more, it's wise that there's a reciprocal and friendly connection between you and your spouse, allowing for an easy transition when requesting an expansion of rental.  

If the landlord agrees to get an expansion of jealousy, then you need to be certain it's done in writing, using evidence of record.  

This makes sure that details on your expansion for rent are in writing that is clear, which might be significant in future agreements.