There are many ways to install bathroom tiles but one thing is definitely that it will be extra durable, beautiful and important for your home. Putting tiles can be challenging, especially for someone who has never tried to do it in the past. People who are not DIY fans can only get help from tile professionals to complete work.  To hire professionals, one can opt for Gun Tiling Perth.

Other bathroom projects, such as getting rid of and replacing the toilet may be more severe, but the biggest difficulty in installing bathroom tiles is to make sure the tiles are cut in such a way that it will fit correctly in the corner and pipe. Although the sheetrock is technically no different surface to install tiles rather than wood, plaster or cement, tiles cannot be applied directly.

To ensure that moisture does not seep into the sheetrock, the steam barrier must be set every time the bathroom tile laid. If this is not done, Sheetrock will deteriorate. Installing tiles on Sheetrock will need attention. The shiny painted wall surface must first be removed by sanding before the tile can be placed.

For spaces on a bathtub that is subject to moisture regularly, you must use durock or wonderboard as a substitute for conventional sheetrock. You can put wall tiles on the bathroom floor but they must be made more resistant to water, which can be achieved by placing them on durock or wonderboard.