The hybrid work model allows employees to work at home and in the office. This means that employees must go to work on certain days and can work remotely the rest of the time. This hybrid arrangement can be used on an alternate week basis depending on the company. 

Employees from the same department will work in the office for one week while employees from other departments will work at home. Companies can also implement hybrid working by allowing employees the flexibility to go to work when they need it for presentations or meetings, and then returning home to complete any remaining work. You can navigate to  to get more information about hybrid working.

Creating a personalized workstation is a healthier way to adopt a hybrid work style. It is critical to have a proper workstation, which includes an ergonomic chair and table, in order to keep excellent posture, avoid body aches, and increase productivity.

The ergonomic chair is designed to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the position of your elbow so that it is 90 degrees from your shoulders. This helps relieve strain on your neck, shoulders and back. 

The full-length backrest recline allows for the chair to lie almost flat so anyone can take a break or nap. Cloud tech foam is used to make the chairs, which are extremely soft and comfortable to sit on.