removal in the Newcastle asbestos

Asbestos is one of the materials not many people know about. In simpler words, asbestos is a material that comes in a shiny appearance during its natural state. However, this harmless-looking material is known to cause harmful health diseases making it dangerous. In order to learn more about asbestos, you can do so by going through some of these FAQs.

  • When was Asbestos Considered to be Popular? – From early 1960 to 1980, asbestos was considered to be popular. It was popular since it was used mainly in the construction industry. Moreover, before 1940, countries like the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia relied heavily on the use of this material.
  • When did Asbestos got Banned? – Based on countries and years, asbestos was banned.
  1. 1984 – Norway
  2. 1992 – Italy
  3. 1993 – Germany
  4. 1999 – United Kingdom
  5. 2001 – Chile etc.
  • Is Asbestos still Being Used Recently? – About 55 countries have decided to ban asbestos once and for all. However, India, China and Russia are some of the few countries that are still using asbestos.
  • Why was Asbestos Popular? – It was the characteristics of asbestos that were known to be extremely popular. For instance; asbestos was used in making basic kitchen utensils. It was also known to be highly resistant to electricity, heat, chemical erosion and more.
  • Can I make Asbestos? – No, asbestos looks fibrous and shiny during its natural state. Therefore, it is not possible to make asbestos.

Therefore, based on these questions consider asbestos removal in the Newcastle region from an expert.