Conversely, the development of human activities is a one-sided upward development. Take, for example, what people have done to improve their quality of life. Once a person has developed a particular innovation that results in a more comfortable life, there is a tendency to be maintained and more enhanced.

For hundreds of years, people have been satisfied with the warmth of the sun by blowing with a hand fan. Then the man developed an electric fan. Now you can go out in the summer and stop worrying about sweating too much with the newest and most advanced fan type – the portable mister fans.

Portable misting fans take advantage of a natural phenom called flash evaporation. Like other fog systems, the portable fog fan has a pump system that distributes fine water droplets that evaporate quickly to reduce the ambient temperature. 

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Fog fans are also suitable for people who work a lot in the yard. Gardening is a very fun activity. But it can be an uncomfortable experience on hot summer days. A 16-inch portable fog fan is sufficient for a small collection. However, there are times when large gatherings are held with large numbers of people. In such a case, the 16-inch fan definitely won't provide the level of comfort people need. 

Large gatherings require a commercially available portable fan service. Equipped with wheels, this monster fan can move easily to cool rooms. For people who cut ties with nature on hot summer days, a battery-powered fan is the best device. Before buying a portable fan online, think about the purpose for which it is used.