The mining communications systems are generally restricted to specific mines. But, the mine of the future requires integrated communications across the entirety of its operations. This does not mean only from port to pit as well as across multiple field sites and even corporate offices in cities. How is this accomplished?

Need for an Integrated, Unified Communications Solution

To achieve this, mining requires communications solutions that provide the huge coverage provided by satellites along with the reliability and security of LMR as well as the high speed and low latency LTE and the convenience of WiFi accessible through the variety of devices utilized by miners. They can meet these requirements. To understand more about the integrated critical communications system, you can visit

Many large corporations have already made use of convergence of communications and cutting-edge technology for automation to design mining tools. Examples of these include:

  • Enhancing the Health and Safety of Workers
  • Collision avoidance devices using mobile WiFi hotspots in moving equipment as well as GeoFencing and tracking location alerts

The role of communications is in the Mine of the Future

Mining communications today are generally confined geographically to specific mines. However, mining soon requires integrated corporate communications throughout the entirety of its operations. 

The near-term future of 5G will be available, offering high-bandwidth and super-fast data rates and extremely low latency, which is expected to be the most important component in the newly merged UCC Network.