Knotwood's Aluminum Installations

Knotwood’s aluminum installations are some of the most strikingly beautiful around. From simple A-frame roofs to more complex cantilever designs, Knotwood’s installations are always a sight to behold. Whether it’s a new construction project or an existing home that needs some updating, Knotwood is the perfect choice for beautiful and durable aluminum installations.You can also explore knotwood’s and Garage Doors Installation & Repairs in Albury & Wodonga by eGarage Systems .

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The Knotwood team has been designing and installing beautiful aluminum decks and patios for over 10 years. From rustic to modern, we have a style that is perfect for your home. We take our time to design each project with precision, paying close attention to every detail so that you can enjoy your deck or patio for years to come.

Here are a few of our most popular designs:

-The Cottage Garden Deck: A charming deck with a casual feel, perfect for relaxing in the sun.

-The Customized Deck: Create a one-of-a-kind deck with our customizable designs.

-The Modern Patio: A sleek and modern option for any backyard.

If you’re looking for a custom deck or patio that will add unforgettable beauty to your home, contact the Knotwood team today!

      Typical Knotwood Use Cases

Knotwood is a great material for aluminum installations because of its strength and durability. Here are a few typical Knotwood installation uses:

-Window awnings: Awnings made from Knotwood are perfect for protecting your home from the sun’s heat and glare. They can also be used to create an extra room in your home, or to extend your deck or patio.

-Canopy covers: A canopy cover made from Knotwood is perfect for protecting your outdoor furniture from the weather. The cover is also effective in reducing noise and promoting privacy.

-Gazebos: Gazebos made with Knotwood are perfect for providing shade during hot weather. The gazebos can also be used as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.