Various Styles of Dupatta Draping for Various Events

The dupatta collection in fashion fabric stores is rich in detailed designs. These pieces of fabric are big enough for everyone to know that even the simplest Indian outfit can look gorgeous and beautiful.

Dupattas can be draped in different styles depending on the outfit it is paired with and the occasion. Dupattas can be covered in the most flattering ways. Let's take a look at the draping styles of dupattas. You can buy net dupatta online, which is all the rage nowadays as it gives a classy look to all women and has multiple variations in styles and colors. You can search online fashion store in uk for references.

Classic Drape: This style consists of stretching the dupatta over the wearer's shoulders from the front and letting the width of the fabric fall freely over the shoulders and along the bodice.

Royal splendor: – When one is dressing for any formal event, it is best to opt for a sophisticated three-piece outfit like a salwar suit. The drape or dupatta is placed over one shoulder and the other end must pass through the elbow slit of the other arm.

Bridal finery: – The dupatta goes over the head of the bride. Lehenga curtains: – Lehenga choli is a beautiful outfit. When wearing lehengas, the dupattas can be draped in different styles. One can try to create the drape at the neck part or you can wrap the dupatta around the head and over the bodice in a classic Mughal style.