Some Tips To Improve Your Wine Tasting In Canada

To ensure you get the most out of your wine tasting, we would like to share with you some wine tasting tips and some of the techniques used to experience the true taste of wine. Remember, you have to be careful with your senses when tasting wine. to see, smell and taste and taste.

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Vision: see wine. It is best to put the wine in a glass and view it on a white background. What do you see? Is the wine clear or cloudy? The color varies depending on the wine. Red wines differ significantly in color.

Smell: Wine reveals its true nature through our sense of smell. To determine the aroma, twist the wine firmly into the glass. As the wine covered the sides of the glass, he opened the bouquet. The aroma can be very different, depending on how far the nose goes into the glass.

Touch: That doesn't mean you dip your finger in your wine glass. When you try wine, the touch is the feel of the wine on your tongue. Is it soft or fast? Is there a refreshing jingle on the edge of your tongue? Tannins will feel a bit tingling on the tongue. Younger red wines are usually tannins.

Taste: This is the final step and should only be done after you have used your other senses. While tasting the wine, put a small amount in your mouth, twist it slightly so that all your tastes are exposed, then hold it for a moment.