Buy Wine Online: Australia Wine Regions

The wine industry has become a large part of the Australian economy. Australia is now the fourth largest wine exporter in the world. Every year around 760 million liters are exported worldwide. Export sales and online sales in Australia contribute $ 5.5 million to Australian sales each year.

Knowing the different wine regions will help you choose the best vintages when you buy them from online stores such as Cape-Ardor. Australia has 60 wine regions covering more than 160,000 hectares. Therefore, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Figuring out which regions specialize in certain types of wines and wines can help narrow down your selection.

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New South Wales: Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley in New South Wales is one of Australia's earliest wine-growing regions. The first major planting in the region began in the 19th century. There are now more than 120 wineries in the Hunter Valley. A wide variety of grapes are grown in the area, but the Golden Semillon grapes produce the most popular wines in the valley.

South Australia: Claire Valley

The Barroso Valley may dominate the red wine market, but one of South Australia's wine regions dominates the white wine market is Claire Valley. Winemaking in the Clare Valley began in 1840. If you find Clare Valley wine sales available online in Australia, look for white wines made from Riesling grapes.

Victoria: Grampians

Grampian winemaking began in 1862 when the first vines were planted along the Concongella stream. The region became famous for its sparkling wines in the 1880s but is now part of the Barroso Valley as one of Australia's most popular red wine regions. The best wines of the Grampians are Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.