What are Disposable Puff Bars?

This new trend in vaping promises all of the flavor and satisfaction of vaping, but without the hassle. What are puff bars and is this the best vaping convenience?

Vaping is more than just the experience of inhaling the smooth, rich vapor. Many vapers find the fun in the kit. They can experiment with different flavors like peach ice vape, coils, wattage and set up their starter kits, pod kits to achieve the perfect level of flavor and draw.

However, vapers are not all created equal. Our needs differ greatly. Some people find the customization and experimentation offered by vape kits to be a hindrance to getting a satisfying nicotine fix and quick relief from cravings. 

Others find that carrying a portable vape kit, regardless of how small and light, can be a hassle, especially if the battery life is not enough to last them for a whole day.

These vapers are what the industry has been paying attention to recently. They have responded with a new wave of disposable devices called 'Puff Bars'.

What Are Puff Bars Anyway?

These disposable, single-use vape devices (or 'Puff Bars") come pre-filled with rich, flavorsome e-liquid. They can be used straight out of the package. Many puff bars are as small as a pen, making them extremely easy to transport.

Puff bars are not a new concept. Similar devices were popularized almost two decades ago at the birth of vaping, but they lost popularity as vape kit technology improved. Our modern puff bars offer the same satisfaction and performance as contemporary vape kit technology.