Top Tips for Choosing A School Uniform Supplier

For many uniform companies, the cost is usually the biggest factor in their uniform purchase decision. However, when you are buying a uniform, quality, and value are as important to the purchaser.

While price and speed are undoubtedly important considerations, digging much deeper into your uniform supplier’s history and practices could result in a better, more rewarding experience, a better long-term relationship, and better performance going forward for both you and your uniform supplier.

So, what should you be looking for in your uniform supplier? Here are 10 common questions every prospective uniform buyer needs to be asking his or her uniform supplier.

Ask about the manufacturer. It is best to know the name of the company that manufactured your uniforms from when considering a manufacturer because that kind of company typically has a better track record than ones that produce knockoffs and poor-quality clothing.

When selecting a uniform supplier, it is also a good idea to talk with former customers. Ask them how their uniforms have done on them and if they would recommend their store or website.

How will you receive your new uniforms? Will you be able to email or call your uniform supplier and have them deliver your new uniforms? Some stores offer garment deliveries and allow customers to pick up the garments at a local dry cleaner as well.

If your store partners with these kinds of garment delivery services, it could save you time and energy down the road by making it easier for you to order new uniforms when you need them.

How will you store your garments? How will you keep your garments from getting worn, wrinkled, and lost? Many uniform suppliers have a specialized facility where they store garments while other stores use climate-controlled storage facilities.

If you are planning to order new uniforms, talk with their ground staff about the best way to store and handle your garments.

The last question is whether your uniform supplier has a facility service or not. You will want to choose a provider who offers this option as part of their uniform-buying process.

In addition to providing, you with on-site help at your facility, the facility service can help you avoid having to spend money in the future by providing replacement uniforms as needed.

By following the above tips, you can make recommendations to any uniform supplier on your own, without having to rely on a service or rating supplied by third parties. This can help ensure that you get the best deal on your school uniforms.

In addition, by providing customers with helpful suggestions and knowledge, you can make recommendations to others and soon find yourself offering stellar customer service instead of mediocre service.