Can You Drink Diet Soda On Keto?

Anyone who has the habit of drinking Diet Coke and felt he had keto might ask, "Is this your soda keto is allowed? "It is no secret that the pop diet is a favorite drink among people who want to avoid sugar and carbohydrates to achieve weight reduction.

Let us remember that the ketogenic diet is formulated not only to fill your macros. This will ensure that you receive excellent quality food trace elements. In this guide, we discuss everything you want to know about soda following a ketogenic lifestyle. You can buy the diet sprite cans online at

What is diet soda?

Let us explore in detail all the components:

Carbonated water: Such as water infused with carbon dioxide. This can be considered water vitamin or soda. People who can not make it like water to carbonated water sterile.

Couleur Caramel:  This is a coloring agent that is responsible for the brownish pop diet. An overview of caramel food programs that pose no danger to a genotoxic person. In other words, it does not lead to cancer.

Organic Flavors: Food and Drug Administration defines natural flavors such as extraction or other products containing fruit flavors derived, vegetables, fruits, legumes, or similar substances. Its purpose is simply to provide the taste.

Phosphoric Acid: Found the lactic acid in food pop bubbles, and also affects bone health. 

Can You Drink Diet Soda While Keto?

Let us look at the Diet Coke supplements:

  • 0 calories
  • 0g carbs
  • 0g sugar
  • 0g protein

Given that the ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet, technically, diet sodas are allowed.

baking soda instead of regular soda reduces your carbohydrate intake if you want a sweet drink. Similar to drink alcohol on a keto, an occasional indulgence at the perfect level is fine.