Choosing The Best Tea Towels In Melbourne

Tea towels should never be underestimated or overlooked at a professional-run event or function. Tea towels are useful because you can use them every day and everyone else will also use them. 

So, bring more tea towels! This is especially true for caterers and cooks, as they can use them in the kitchen area. You can also find the best tea towels in Melbourne via the web.

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A power tip: Make sure you have plenty of tea towels that are clean, dry, and lint-free in two colors so the kitchen can use one and the drink staff can use the other.

1 – You will be able to depend on the number of staff available for your table cloth cleaning. Drying is difficult with tea towels. But with cleaning services, It can be returned to the great looking.

2 – Glasses that are not polished or washed will be charged an additional fee by most glass rental companies, including Who's Waiting. The fee can reach up to 30%. However, staff can still be busy cleaning glasses and drying them ready for return. This is only possible if there are plenty of clean tea towels.

It is important to keep your drinks clothes separated from the catering area. Food and drink should not be mixed at the table. It is best to clean your bar area with chucks and kitchen cloths that can absorb liquid quickly and make it clean and tidy for the next round.