Call Center Performance Management – Use Tested Formulas

It is important to understand that as call centers, their services and outsourcing trend have changed; their performance management techniques need to be changed as well. 

To determine the standards and quality of working, we are presenting 18 performance measures in terms of services, quality of work, efficiency and profitability of their services and impact of their support on a business and its growth.

We are analyzing these mentioned performance measures in two aspects of work levels: one for ordinary call center and another contact for multi level support provider contact center. You can also get best call center quality assurance online.

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Performance Management in terms of Service

The most important measures of performance are those associated with service. 

Blocks and Hurdles

Blocks and hurdles are indicated as time when customers are not able to get through the network due to insufficient facilities at work. The busy signal, dropped calls and other situations can be count as such. These obstruct the speed of performance and have adverse affect on quality of services. Also, it has negative effect on customer satisfaction.

Abandon Ratio

The dropped calls do impact the retention and revenue generation of call centers. They understand that making your customer wait in queue to receive a call is not going to take you anywhere.

Nonetheless, it cannot be eliminated properly. There are number of factors that affect this factor such as caller's patience, the time of call and other alternatives of getting in touch like email or dropping a number to call back.