Tips For Making Matcha Tea

In its conventional sense, Matcha was traditionally utilized in Japan during the tea ceremony, which is known as Chanoyu. However, the current trend has it that Matcha is prepared and consumed in informal places, with the emphasis being on the Iced Matcha that has emerged as the latest drink of choice in Japan because of its refreshing and tasty qualities, particularly during hot and humid weather. 

Matcha, in this instance, is a powdered type of green tea. Green tea, which is mainly used in Japan, is usually associated with elaborate tea ceremonies, where tea is whisked, and then served in special tea houses that have tatami floors. Nowadays, anyone can sip a matcha drink in the comfort of their own home.

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Here are the steps you can follow when making the tasty bowl of Matcha to enjoy in the comfort of the kitchen.


Tea bowl

In the tea ceremony of the past, selecting the proper bowl was crucial for the preparation of Matcha tea. It is crucial that the bowl is strong enough in size to permit the whisk to be able to fit in and comfortable to hold.

The Whisk

Traditional bamboo whisk that is called the Chasen is essential for making Matcha. However, if you want to use an electric latte aerator it's considered to provide distinct aesthetics.

It is now time that you can relax and enjoy the tea you have chosen to drink.