All About a Pain Management Center

Most people who are thinking about admitting themselves to a pain management facility believe they will be given different types of pain medication. This is unfortunately a major reason for the increase in pain medication abuse.

A multi-disciplinary comprehensive plan in a facility with a pain focus is one way that the medical profession has discovered a way to reduce this abuse. It goes beyond medication management. You can visit a pain management rehab center at


The rehab center will include:

* Chiropractic

* Interventional Pain Management

* Manipulation under Anesthesia

* Physical Therapy

* Physiotherapy

* Rehabilitation

* Spinal Decompression Therapy

These services may also allow for the use of psychological and Naturopathic methods to reduce pain. The right amount and combination of pain medication can maximize the patient's recovery time and allow them to live an active lifestyle again.

Chronic pain should not be treated by all patients, even if they are experiencing the same type of pain, such as after surgery or treatment for cancer. The patient is the best person to help you in this pain management center.

A patient may be prevented from working if they have severe back pain. A pain management team might recommend passive electrical stimulation (TENS) to treat the patient. They may also use heat and ice. The staff will try to reduce pain as much as possible and then move on to more active treatments, like physical therapy.