Ways To Build Your Mussels

Your body naturally builds muscle in response to strenuous activity. But if your daily routine isn't about growing muscle, then how do you trigger the muscle-building process?

Muscles grow at rest, not during exercise. If you don't give your muscles enough time to recover, you're actually interfering with the muscle-building process and can hurt yourself.

Also, the Squat exercise mainly targets the thighs (quadriceps & hamstrings) and the glutes. So, you can read more information about how to do a squad in an appropriate way.

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When you lift weights, you have to put so much tension on the muscles that they are broken down at the cellular level, resulting in increased protein synthesis that results in thicker muscle fibers.

This process begins 2-4 hours after your workout and lasts for 24 hours (although some researchers suggest that muscles that work to exhaustion take 36-48 hours to recover).

If you stretch a muscle before the process is complete, you break down the muscle fibers before they can recover.

Lifting to Fatigue: As mentioned above, to start the muscle-building process, you need to put weight on the muscles. Your muscles should be exhausted on the last rep of your last set.

This should be the last feat you can do in perfect condition. If you start losing shape early because your muscles are too tired, you're using too much weight. When you find that you can add one or more repetitions in good shape, you need to add a little more weight.