How Long Can Plastic Garden Chairs Last

Plastic garden chairs will last for quite some time. However, over the years they can become worn and stained from the harsh weather. To keep your plastic garden chairs looking great, you need to keep the chairs away from sunlight and other elements.

Over time, plastic garden chairs get stained from the sun. The sun will damage the plastic resin, they are made from so you need to throw away them if this occurs. You also need to make sure that the cushions on the chairs do not come into contact with sunlight at all times. It is better to use sun block when the sun is shining but if the sun is not shining at all you should use a small umbrella to shade your plastic garden chairs during the summer.

Plastic garden chairs can be left outdoors in the rain all year round but you must make sure you have the cushions dry before putting them inside. The sun can be damaging to plastic furniture, if it comes into direct contact with it. This means that if you leave your plastic garden chairs outside all year long and the weather starts to get wet, it is a good idea to keep them indoors and cover them with a plastic bag. If they get soaked then they need to be dried out. A quick spray of water can help to dry them out.

The weather can also make plastic garden chairs crack. As the plastic resin breaks down this means that the chairs will look worn out and they will look less appealing.

Another reason that the plastic garden chairs are becoming worn out is that they are not being used as often as they once were. It can take up to eight years for a chair to completely deteriorate from normal use. If you have ever seen an old plastic patio chair in the shops then you know how expensive it can be to replace them. It would be much cheaper to purchase a new set of plastic garden chairs than to buy another set of patio chairs.

As you can see, there are many reasons that plastic garden chairs are becoming worn out from normal use. To keep them looking great and to ensure that you keep them looking great, it is best to give them regular maintenance and check to see if any parts of them look worn.