When you Need HVAC Repair Service

Most furnaces are not noticed by the homeowner until they stop working. It is important to maintain your heating system regularly in order to avoid costly repairs. You can get more information on HVAC systems in Durham Area before starting your work .

There are some signs which show when your furnace needs immediate HVAC repair.

1. Old Age 

A typical residential furnace lasts about 15 years. It's time to upgrade your heating system if it is nearing or exceeding its useful life expectancy. Upgrades can help you avoid costly repairs and increase your home's energy efficiency.

2. Increased heating bills

Heating bills can be affected by poorly functioning furnaces or old furnaces. Inefficient heating systems could cause a sudden rise in your utility bills. Your heating system will need to work harder and more efficiently in order to generate the same heat.

3. Strange Sounds

It's perfectly normal for furnaces to make noises, but not too loud or noticeable. You may hear strange noises like banging, groaning or squeaking, which could be indicative of a number of issues. These noises may be caused by internal failures, loose belts, or problems with the ignition.

4. Frequent repairs

Upgrades may be a good option if you need HVAC repairs on a frequent basis. As the inner parts wear down and break, older units may need to be repaired frequently. It may be cheaper to buy an upgraded model if you have had to call HVAC professionals frequently in the last few years.