Incorporating Food Trucks Into Private Party Catering

Catering has been around for a long time. The most traditional ways of catering were on-site or off-site. Caterers either cooked the food right at the event or they brought the cooked food to the event. These were the traditional ways caterers would provide their party catering services. Today, there are more and more food truck caterers offering catering services for parties and other events.

Food trucks are one of the newer trends in the food industry; with most mid-size cities having the trucks pop up on every street corner. From pulled-pork sandwiches to vegan offerings, the cool thing about these trucks is the wide array of ethnic portions that they offer.

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While the food truck trend has been on the rise, there have also been some setbacks, such as city regulations, as well as operators getting being extremely strict in regards to parking. Despite the large influx of customers, truck operators are thinking outside the box and questioning where they can go elsewhere.

Food truck operators are now moving into the party catering business. A lot of trucks are cashing in on the wedding industry, as they can produce a lot of food for the guests and with food trucks being so trendy and new in the party catering business, what could be cooler than having a truck cater the food on the biggest day of your life?

If you are throwing a party for an upcoming event, such as an anniversary, wedding, or engagement party, there are a few tips you can follow when hiring a food truck as your party catering service.

  1. If you are having it at your house, be a good neighbor and let them know of the upcoming shindig. They will be thankful for the heads up.
  2. Set up traffic cones in front of and behind the truck so that people are aware of its presence. (Not that you wouldn't be able to see it anyway!)
  3. Talk with the food truck operator and make sure he or she can make a variety of different dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options.

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A good truck is vital to the success of a catering business. Customers especially will be aware of your truck when trying to evaluate the quality of your catering business' food and service. Therefore, make sure you either purchase a catering truck that has everything you will need, or make sure the truck can easily be upgraded with the necessary equipment.

As you may already know, catering trucks are designed in such a way that allows a catering staff to transport and serve food, drinks and utensils to a group of people. Delivering food to a party or event requires taking many variables into account. One such problem you will likely need to address is the storage of frozen food.

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Some of the food you purchase will usually be frozen, which is going to create a need for a freezing compartment in your catering truck. Having a refrigerator will also allow you to store cold drinks, fruits, vegetable and any other items that you might want to keep cold.

A possible scenario you might encounter could be the delivery of an ice sculpture to a party. In order to deliver such a frozen masterpiece to your customers undamaged, you are obviously going to need some form of cold storage on your truck.

A catering truck refrigerator will allow you to transport an ice sculpture unharmed and unmelted, right to your customer's doorstep. This also ensures that the sculpture remains intact throughout the duration of the party.