What is a Costume Designer and What Role Do They Have?

Costume designers are responsible for working on costumes for actors and actresses from television, theater or cinema. You go to the start of pre-production to plan and create or buy the costumes needed to properly dress the actors and extras for their roles in the production.

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Costume design should be done on a budget, on time, and on a tight schedule. The costume design job is very important to production as it helps achieve the overall look you want in the film.

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The creative work of costume designers can range from overseeing the purchase of costume fabrics to designing original costumes for production. Creative skills and attention to detail are a must. As head of the costume department, the costume designer must have the staff and key personnel necessary to complete the costume production before the production schedule.

You control team members and develop practical solutions to various clothing and suit problems. The costume works with the production designer to ensure that the costume fits the film's vision and works with the lighting and camera angles selected from the production.

Costume designers also work closely with hair and makeup to ensure that all the elements complement each other on the day of the shoot. Together, these groups help actors and set members form a cohesive look for film production.