Learn How To Perm Eyelashes At Home

Eyelash perming offers a more natural look to create a thicker, fuller look. It is an alternative to waterproof mascara for active lifestyles and outdoor activities. Lash perming is also very flexible and can take months depending on the quality of the product used.

Eyelash Perm Instructions

Each eyelash perming kit may vary slightly and it is always recommended that the manufacturer's instructions are followed exactly. This should be a general guide to the lash curling process for those who haven't done this before.

Always take off your contact lenses and makeup. It is recommended to use a suitable oil-free makeup remover. The lashes should be clean and 100% dry, usually about ten or fifteen minutes after cleaning.

Most eyelash curlers come in a variety of stick sizes. The different sizes are directly related to the effect you want to achieve. Usually, smaller sticks for shorter lashes and tighter curls.

Medium sizes are most commonly used because they are believed to curl anywhere and bigger sticks are better for those with longer lashes or looking for loose curls.

Perming lashes can be tricky. Therefore, always read and follow the instructions carefully. If you feel uncomfortable, ask a friend for help or seek professional help. The entire process took less than ten minutes. If you are careful, you won't have any problems.

Although in most cases eyelash perming must be done by a professional to avoid damage or accident, you can do it yourself with the right technique and care.

If at any time you accidentally put the solution in your eyes during permanent lashes, it is recommended that you stop the process and rinse your eyes with water.

Always read all safety precautions before trying eyelash perming, especially how they react once the solution gets into the eye.