Why Is Tree Removal So Expensive?

Be prepared for sticker shock when it comes to tree removal because it's more expensive than most homeowners think. Why does this cost? The answer is straightforward: Trees are hard and hazardous to cut down and can be costly to take away from the property.

Unless it's diseased or damaged beyond repair, many trees can be trimmed or cut down (without stump removal) if saving money is the most important factor. You can find the best emergency tree removal service via treewurk.com/services/emergency-tree-removal.

emergency tree removal service

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Size Matters

A professional will give you an exact price quote after having assessed the dimensions of the tree and its health as well as many other elements, including how easy it is for you to access your property. But, height plays a significant role. Naturally, it will be much simpler to remove an older tree 20 feet tall than a 60-foot taller one. Price per foot is normal and also includes other contingencies for specific cases.

Be aware that the cost per foot need not always be incremental. For instance, the cost per foot to purchase a 10' tree could be the equivalent of X dollars per foot, however, the cost per foot in a 100-footer tree could be Y$ per foot.


You have options when you get to the wood disposal – branch chipping/hauling, just hauling, splitting (which allows you to use the wood for your fireplace), and an added fee for removing the stump. No matter how you dispose of the tree, keep in mind that using an expert makes all the difference.