Benefits of Using Amazon Connect?

One of the great benefits to using Amazon Connect is its ability to connect your calls with a customer’s account and history. This provides you with an understanding of the customer and their experience with your company. Additionally, this software also lets you view call recordings and transcripts so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve your customer service. 

How do I set up Amazon Connect?

Setting up Amazon Connect is really very simple and does not require any software to be downloaded or installed, which makes it one of the most easy to implement systems available today. You simply need to create a free account by choosing a username, entering an email address, and setting up a password.

Amazon Connect Omnichannel and Hosted Call Center Solution is perfect for customer service. It also has features such as contact management and message waiting. One of the main features of Amazon Connect is its real-time reporting capabilities that allow you to view reports in a timeline view. You will be able to review incoming calls along with the agent’s conversations and decide which calls need to be escalated or notes need to be added. This allows you to make important decisions at a glance. 

You can choose between Home, Business, and Premier rates. The only difference is that you can select different options for the calling plans. Additionally, you can also set up email notifications for your customers, for both when they place a call to your phone number, take a callback via voicemail, or complete a case with a customer service agent.