Cervical Cancer: Signs, Treatment And Prevention

Cervical cancer screening is an important part of women’s health checkup. Cervical cancer is a disease that infects the opening of the womb. It can be detected easily at the initial stage. This type of cancer is usually caused by the virus called human papillomavirus, (or HPV).

As the treatment for cervical cancer is often complex, hospitals use multidisciplinary teams to treat cervical cancer.

How do I prevent Cervical Cancer?

It can be prevented by having regular screening tests such as the PAP test and HPV test. With these types of tests, you can find any type of cancer and get it treated. It can also be done through the HPV vaccine.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms include bleeding after menopause, between periods. There may also be lower back, pelvic, or stomach pain. Frequent as well as painful urination, weight loss, are also the signs.

However, in many cases, symptoms may not appear in the early stages of cervical cancer. Therefore, regular health checks are important. Any problems with the cervix should be monitored and treated as early as possible.

How to treat it?

The first step in detecting cervical cancer is with routine PAP tests, one of the most reliable and effective cancer screening methods. The PAP test can detect changes in cervical cells. If you notice these changes, you can prevent cervical cancer.