Pet Memorial Urns – Grave Markers For Pets

Pet cremation urns are proving to be a very popular way to have an ashtray for pets or pet ashes which will be a key element in the loss of a pet and will bring lasting respect for the pet.

There are many types of commemorative jars based on the class or breed of your pet, such as jars for dogs, urns for cats, pet urn for ashes, or small enough as urns for birds or hamsters, or small enough as urns for pet horses, etc. designed to have an impact on breed or the choice of style you choose to symbolize your beloved friend.

The size of the pet jar is based on your pet's live weight. One square inch equals 1 pound of live weight. Today there are different types of urns as there are animal figurines that symbolize that breed or look like your kind of animal placed on top of a pet urn for ashes. This is to show those breeds in that category, whether they are similar or as a symbol of what your animal looks like.

Heaven Pet Urn includes pet jars that symbolize the character of pets, fun such as wooden photo jars in the shape of tennis balls, photo jars for pets and others for pets who like to lie outdoors, such as stone grave markers, which are a combination consisting of urns and garden markers for pets that will draw favourite spots on the page.

This pet urn and pet grave marker include an engraved plate to create a more personal touch that also adds comfort with more genuine respect and a unique touch for the pet owner and choice of the marker.