Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are always in demand. A contributing factor to the popularity of diamonds is their intense brilliance and timeless beauty. The brilliance of a diamond largely depends on how it was cut. This is one of the most important characteristics that determine the overall beauty and value of a diamond.

When looking for pear shaped halo engagement bands, paying attention to shape and cut is very important. These sparkling gemstones come in a fantastic variety of shapes to add to the beauty of various jewelry accessories. The most popular diamond shape is the brilliant round shape. Other popular shapes include princess cut, emerald cut, heart, oval, pear, and baguette.

Round Brilliant Cut: Brides who prefer traditional things should opt for round diamonds for their engagement rings. This cut is the most popular because it is designed for maximum shine. The round brilliant cut has been in vogue since the 1920s.

Princess Cut: This is the most popular fantastic diamond shape. Founded in 1990, this diamond shape is known for its ability to radiate fire and brilliance. The princess diamond is in the shape of a pyramid with a square top and pointed corners. Princess diamond rings are a modern alternative to traditional diamond rings.

Emerald Cut: Also known as a step cut, the emerald cut corner helps the teeth hold the stone perfectly. This cut has several aspects compared to round and princess cuts and emphasizes the clarity of the diamond. 

This cut is ideal for women who are looking for an unusual, unique, stylish and beautiful diamond for their engagement ring. This cut diamond has a flat rectangular tip with cut corners.