How Effectively Are You Deploying Podcast Marketing Solution In The USA?

Each day usually begins and ends with the same BIG question. Our customers and prospects ask us: “How can I grow my business and gain a fair share of the market?” Our answer is very simple: “Make a foundation of perspective and work tirelessly and efficiently on this path.”

Podcasting is a term used as a new way to describe the technology of transmitting (sharing) audio content from websites to users (customers) of that content, which they usually hear on an iPod (hence the term “pod”) or any other type of .mp3 player (iRiver) at your command, convenience and control. You can search for various podcast promotion agencies¬†for the marketing of podcast technology.

PodCasting is similar to the concept of suspended video software and devices like TiVo that allow you to watch what you want by simply recording and saving video, except that PodCasting is by far mostly used for audio. (Universal video embedding looks like it’s coming soon.)

However, with that in mind, I must explain that this new, easy-to-use technology can be used to distribute (distribute) any type of file such as photos, Software, video and/or text updates.

PodCasting uses an XML-based technology called RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Content publishers (PodCasters) describe new content in an XML RSS file containing the date, title, description, and a custom link to the MP3 file.

These “auto-generated” files are known as RSS feeds. Many consider Dave Winner to be the creator of RSS and a pioneer in applied XML. The component that makes PodCasting work with RSS is Enclosures (think of this term), an element supported by RSS 2.0.