All About Bunion and Its Causes

Changes are obvious as we get older. Changes occur in feet while we grow. A bunion is the most common foot deformity causing pressure and pain in the feet. If you are looking for bunion treatment in Baltimore, then you can visit

How Are Bunions Treated? - Family Podiatry of Maryland

What are its causes?

There isn't an exact cause of bunion but yes there are several factors that can cause a bunion.

·    Wearing shoes with high heels and pointed toes

·    Genes can be one major reason cause bunion

·    People having flat feet

·    Excessive foot loading

·    Tight Achilles tendon

·    Tight-fitting shoes

·    Too small shoes

·    How you walk puts pressure on your big toe and it can cause a bunion

·    Age (it can increase with age)

·    Can be caused by past injury

·    Rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to bunion

·    Standing for a long period can cause bunion problems.

Bunions are very common and thought to be genetic. Some professionals say that the shoes don't fit properly and cause a bunion. . Try to wear shoes that fit properly which would help to stop bunion. 

Your doctor will suggest the best procedure if you are suffering from a bunion. Treatment could be surgical or non-surgical, depending upon your condition. Try to wear shoes that fit properly which would help to stop bunion.