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Kareena Kapoor made an epic statement that many girls would agree with, she said “Girls love their handbags more than their friends” why not, the bags come in different colors, shapes and designs. There's been pocket mania for decades, the best part is you'll never have enough.

There is a wide variety of bags for college, office, lunch parties, weddings and many other occasions. But there is always confusion about which bag is ideal for a casual look. So we thought we'd help you choose the perfect bag for college or outing with friends.You can visit this site to buy the bags online.

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For a new look of a college girl, you can always opt for backpacks, backpacks for girls that look great. Drawstring bag with color swatches, prints made just for college girls. Also, choose a bag that is durable and long lasting as long as it is filled with books, college supplies, and of course makeup!

For people who want a great look, you can get a canvas backpack with a simple pattern in embroidery or even colored blocks. So the best place to buy cool Uber bags is online shopping. While shopping online, you can easily get lots of bags and if you are wondering about the price then don't worry, online stores offer huge discounts and irresistible prices.