All You Need To Know About Essential Oils

Essential oils (EO) have been used for centuries, but in recent years their popularity has increased to maintain health and well-being. However, essential oils should not be confused with essential fatty acids (EFAs), which are referred to as "essential" because the body needs them for good health but cannot synthesize them; In contrast, essential oils are "essential" in the sense that they are the concentrated essence of a plant. 

Commercially, EO is used in cosmetics and toiletries, and as a natural food flavoring. Nowadays, many people use it at home as a housemaid and with daily health complaints. You can also look for the  essential oil via the web.

Which Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep Better?

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You can also enlist the help of a qualified aromatherapist, an occupational therapist who usually combines massage with the use of special oils to suit individual needs.

How are essential oils made?

Oil is obtained from various parts of the plant. Juniper oil is obtained from berries, chamomile, and sage flowers, celery from seeds, while cinnamon oil is obtained from the bark.

When you buy essential oils, you may notice a price difference. Citrus oils like sweet orange usually only cost a few pounds, while oils like neroli and rose absolute can give you more benefits. 

There are many ways to enjoy essential oils. They are often used to make good quality incense and candles, or they can be diffused in the air with special stone or ceramic stoves.