Benefits of Sealcoating a Parking Lot in Charlotte

Cracks and potholes are unavoidable when working with asphalt pavements; However, neglecting to seal your equipment's asphalt pavement can lead to accelerated cracking and pothole situations, reducing pavement life. You can also find the best sealcoating contractors in Charlotte via

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Dry weather and cold weather, although low temperatures are usually not a big deal in Charlotte, can drop on asphalt. Other environmental problems, such as tree roots, vehicular traffic, gas, oil, sand, and debris, also affect asphalt cracking and damage. Well-maintained parking lots that are cleaned regularly, cracks filled, potholes repaired and sealed, usually outlast parking lots that "secure" themselves against these elements.

The advantage

Waterproofing has many advantages, such as:

Minimize repairs – compaction reduces the need for asphalt repairs.

Weatherize – The sealing layer helps heat the asphalt and prevent weather damage.

Ask the pros

Flooring companies bear the floor maintenance burden for most retail stores. They offer a wide range of services from cracking to new flooring, pothole repair and other asphalt repairs. But one of the most important tasks that the floor coating performs is compaction.

A high quality compaction product installed properly protects your parking lot asphalt from fuel, oil, weathering and wear. If the asphalt is not sealed or not sealed at all, cracks can form in the asphalt, which can then cause potholes. Depending on the environment, most asphalt pavements need to be sealed every two to three years. For best results, compaction should only be carried out by professional installation and compaction companies.