Employee performance management tools monitor individual agents' progress against company goals, compare their performance to peers, alert supervisors about skill gaps, and track the effectiveness of contact center coaching sessions. 

Speech analytics, in addition to helping contact centers better address customer needs and demands, can also be used to identify agent performance issues. 

With speech analytics, agent behaviors, as well as contact center processes and policies can be analyzed on a collective or individual level, giving call center managers a much more complete picture. 

Analytics also help managers pinpoint which call center agents are in need of additional training or coaching and in what areas. The integration of speech analytics and performance management increases the benefits companies receive from their investment by connecting the dots between insights and actual, tangible improvements.

Speech analytics tools track specific behaviors during customer interactions and identify performance issues in each agent (or in the contact center as a whole) that need to be addressed. 

For instance, if an employee fails to meet a sales goal quota, contact center managers can compare their call behaviors against more successful agents to determine where exactly one excels and the other suffers. Alternatively, employees consistently surpassing other employees in sales goals or other metrics can be recognized for their outstanding performances.