Social trends are leaning towards a growing awareness of social reform and the effects our everyday choices have on the world at large. 

With an at-home economy in need of a boost and more awareness of where materials originate from and how products are made, buying clothing that is made takes precedence over simply buying cheap clothing. There are some clothing production agencies that provide clothing services in the UK.

Avoiding harmful chemicals

Toxic chemicals are often used in crop production and in the manufacturing process of creating textiles. Pesticides and herbicides are used to help increase crop yield. 

In the UK there are regulations that limit the use and disposal of pesticides and other toxic chemicals whereas in some other countries more harmful pesticides are legal and chemicals are often dumped into local waterways without regard to their environmental impact. 

Protecting workers rights

Wholesale-made clothing offers buyers the opportunity to get quality cheap clothing. Whether you choose to buy wholesale clothing online or shop in stores there is a variety of clothing available, equal to, and often surpassing that of standard retail outlets. 

Environmental and economic impact

Choosing to purchase locally made clothing contributes less to the use of non-renewable resources in shipping and more to the stimulation of the economy. 

Often, materials for imported goods are shipped to an Asian country for production, then the finished clothing has to be shipped for distribution and sale-this cross-world shipping both adds to the use of fuel and cost of the goods.