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Seoul Outdoor Skating Rink서울광장 스케이트장




The Seoul Square Ice Skating Rink is scheduled to run from December 17th, 2015 through February 9th, 2016. Visitors could be able to rent a pair of skates and enjoy their ice skating for one hour.

Operating Hours
Sunday to Thursday – 10:00-21:30 /

Friday to Saturday, National holidays – 10:00-23:00
※Skate time is one hour. And ice cleaning for 30 minutes between each session.

Admission Fees
 1,000 won per 1 hour (including admission and rentals for skates)
1) City Hall Station (Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 5.





They also provide tutorials for beginners:

구분 TUTORIAL (WEEKDAYS) TUtorial (weekend)
DATE 2016.01.04~2016.02.04 2016.01.09~2016.02.06
WEEKDAYS Mon.~Thur. 4 times for one week Sat~Sun 2 times on weekend
TIME 1 Class : 09:00~09:50 (90 people)
2 Class 10:00~10:50 (75 people)
3 Class: 16:00~16:50 (75 people)
4 Class 17:30~18:20 (75 people)
5 Class: 19:00~19:50 (75 people)
1 Class : 09:00~09:50 (90 people)
2 Class 10:00~10:50 (75 people)
Price 12,000원 6,000원
reservation Online reservation


*You have to reserve the tutorial class 7 days earlier than planned date you want to go.

*If you need to cancel the schedule, ensure that you cancel it 2 days before the planned date and then you could get the refund.

*Credit card is available.


Official Website (Korean)


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