When you are looking to move out of your leased office space in Singapore, you may decide that the office reinstatement project is just too large and time consuming for you or one of your colleagues to tackle yourselves.

The reinstatement clause in your lease agreement indicates that the office space that you are renting should be returned to the landlord or property management company, as it was when you leased it initially.

It is for this reason that many businesses turn to office reinstatement services in Singapore to help them make this transition as smooth as possible.

The aim of hiring professional office reinstatement contractors to carry out the work is to assist in the restoration of your rented unit to its original condition when your lease expires.

There are several pertinent questions you should ask yourself before you sign up with A reinstatement contractor which could include:

1) What Others Say About Your Office Reinstatement Contractor?

You can do this by finding out if your contractor has an official business website and a Facebook page. Recent activity and feedback from clients is a good indicator as to whether your contractor is legitimate and as to whether they are any good or not. The research of your contractor is of paramount importance before signing anything.

2) Does Your Office Reinstatement Contractor Has A Former Contract?

The aim of a former contract is to describe clearly the scope of the reinstatement project in writing. The contract should include a complete list of works that will be performed together with the timelines of each phase.

You need to be watertight with a formal contract in regards to what you are expecting from your contractor. Hold a joint meeting with the reinstatement contractor and the building manager to run through the reinstatement works required ensuring that the contractor knows the works entailed.

Be clear what it is you expect of them before they begin work and check these are the kind of services they actually can fulfill.

3) Is Office Reinstatement Works His Specialty?

Get a contractor who is an expert in this specific field. It is worth getting quotes from more than one contractor before you sign any contracts, as they will probably all offer you different suggestions.

A reinstatement contractor who does not have experience handling reinstatement works will take more time to complete the task and is likely to overlook some of your obligations as a tenant.

It is a niche field and can be tricky at times dealing with landlords and building manager when moving out of rented office space, so having an expert in the field of this type of logistical move is essential to keep everyone happy. Possibly engage someone who has done at least ten reinstatement works over the last two years and has excellent reviews from previous clients.