Nanny jobs used to be a common way for aristocratic young women to enter the job market temporarily before they found a suitable husband. Nanny jobs were a way for these young women to leave their childhood home and live with a new and wealthy family, learn about household management and childcare, and yet still be "respectable. You can also find babysitting jobs online over the internet.

However, all that has changed dramatically. These days, women (and occasionally men) of all ages and backgrounds are taking nanny jobs, and they're not only living with the upper classes in huge mansions. 

Rather, a 21st-century nanny might be living in the spare room of a duplex in Flushing, working to keep house and mind the children while mom and dad slog away at work and get tied up in traffic.

Nannies can be cost-effective, even though their monthly wages may seem high. If the nanny lives in the home, there will be some expenses associated with her food and utility use as well as her salary, of course, but the trade-off can be a very good one in terms of quality of life for the parents as well as the children. 

As more and more jobs disappear from the employment landscape due to outsourcing and the consolidation of workers, the demand for nannies is increasing exponentially. Daycare providers now have to compete for more customers and offer more flexibility. 

Still, that may never be enough for a busy parent who is on call 24/7, and in this day and age, this is becoming more and more common.