Many people, mostly men, are either losing or have lost their hair. The fact is a bit depressing as the loss is often taken to mean the aging process. What are the available options for hair restoration? Well, certain drugs are known to prevent hair loss. Then there are the holistic restoration process, wigs, etc. However, the best option is possibly medical restoration through laser therapy.

In most cases, medical restoration works for both men and women. The result is usually a natural and real head of hair. To many, the best method of getting back your loss is medical restoration. If a question in your mind arises ” does cold laser therapy really work?” then you can read this article.

There are other medical treatments available that are also being used like Propecia and Rogaine, but none of these methods match the proven results of medical treatments. The process however is most effective for those who are losing their hair and it does not work on those without hair on their head.

The process begins after consulting with a surgeon. Before actually starting the process, the surgeon will take note of the healthy hair on the back and sides of your head to ensure the availability of enough hair and make the treatment a success. It should be noted that there is no actual alteration of growth.

Once the surgeon thinks that the restoration process will work for you, he or she will perform a simple procedure called follicular unit extraction. Tissue containing follicles are taken from healthy hair present on your head and these re grafted on the bald section. These are placed at different angles to give a natural look.