Opossums are animals that can annoy homeowners in winter. These marsupials can grow to over 40 inches in length and are usually found near swamps, in forests, or in open fields where they inhabit holes and empty holes in trees. 

Opossums can enter homes through attics or garages, and can also build nests under decks or porches. Homeowners can prevent possums from entering by sealing the area below their deck or veranda and making sure there are no entry points in their garage,  basement or attic. 

But If opossums enter your homes, then it is very important to call opossum removal service providers. You can find the best opossum removals via https://controlrodent.com/opossum/. 

opossum removal

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On other hand, raccoons can be a problem even in winter because they are one of the most annoying animals. They build their nests in secluded spaces like hollow trees, holes, and crevices, and sometimes in garages or in attics. 

They are often attracted to plots of land with food or trash and have been inside. They can cause significant material damage and transmit diseases such as rabies to humans. 

However, due to their difficult nature, you should seek the help of a skilled professional to deal with raccoon attacks. The last evil animal to watch out for in winter is tree squirrels. These squirrels are found in the United States and can vary slightly in color and size depending on the species.

They usually build nests in trees and when the temperature drops they look for basements and electric blankets. Squirrels can cause significant property damage from chewing on power lines, telephone lines, and drywall. 

Homeowners can help repel squirrels by sealing entrances to basements and attics. However, you should consult a wildlife expert if they are inside.