As more and more online retailers offer free shipping options, it has become increasingly difficult for those who don't want to eliminate shipping costs. Smart consumers know their rights and are unwilling to pay for something when they can get it for free elsewhere.

Consumer demand cannot be ignored and companies respond. According to a survey of internet retailers, sixty-one of the hundreds of the largest online retailers offer free shipping. Now, you can also get products delivered by amazon shipping to Egypt

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In another similar study by comScore, seventy-two percent of users said they would use a different e-commerce website when one e-commerce website removed free shipping. So the choice is there and consumers have been talking about it out loud, offering free shipping or going where it does.

Free shipping isn't just for the discerning buyer. In fact, it's a great incentive for business owners. Surveys show that knowing that free shipping is available, most online shoppers tend to spend more and are less likely to leave the cart because of high and unexpected shipping costs.

The need to pay for shipping is not only an essential service for the buyer but also demand. This has been one of, if not the most important, of consumers' factors trying to decide which online retailer is right for them.