Traditional wet cleaning is still the best way to clean many types of floors. While flat mops like the Swiffers are ideal for daily dusting and light dirt cleaning, only a good, thorough weekly wet cleaning with an appropriate cleaning solution can result in a deep floor cleaning.

Wet wipes have made our life so comfortable. Easy to carry and use, we don't even know when they became our best cleaning partner. We carry wet wipes for emergency cleaning everywhere. You can also look for the best floor wipes to clean your home floor properly.

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Floor wipe cleaning is the best way to clean vinyl floors, vinyl tiles, and ceramic or porcelain tiles. However, using water on all types of hardwood floors, or on laminate, cork, bamboo, or other types of flooring that are not recommended by the manufacturer to come into contact with water is not a good idea. 

Properly sealed wood or laminate will withstand the occasional wet mop, but extensive water mopping is not recommended for these floors.

How often to clean the floor

Floors infrequently visited areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and corridors should be vacuumed or vacuumed every one to three days and cleaned once a week. While good cleaning is essential to keep floors clean, regular sweeping or vacuuming is essential to maintaining floor coverage and durability. 

This is because it removes dirt and grit that can damage the floor when stepped on. When it comes to cleaning, the best time to clean is when the floor seems to need it.