Sometimes having a sophisticated and expensive sports car is not enough, especially if the owner just wants to get the best BMW M3 exhaust system out of the car on offer. For passionate racing enthusiasts or simply performance enthusiasts, a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or Aston Martin doesn't go far enough without subtle upgrades that can be made to extract every power from the engine.

And one of the first things you need to change if you are interested in the performance and efficiency factor of a car is the exhaust system that came with the car when you bought it.

Automobile exhaust systems are primarily concerned with releasing gases from the engine using a complex piping system. While there are different types of exhaust kits, the usual ones usually include:

– Cylinder head and exhaust manifold. The former is placed above the cylinder and directly affects performance by determining the engine's volumetric efficiency and compression ratio. The latter consists of a cast steel block which is involved in the collection of exhaust gases from the many cylinders and their transmission to the exhaust pipe. High-efficiency collectors are available for certain engines, the purpose of which is to reduce drag while increasing volumetric efficiency, resulting in better engine performance.

-Turbocharger, which is mainly concerned with increasing the density of the air entering the engine, increasing the ratio of power that the engine can produce.

-The catalyst is responsible for reducing air pollution from cars by reducing the toxicity of emissions from engines.