How to pick a cigar

You may be wondering how to get a cigar? This is usually the first question you will have, and while looking straight ahead, it takes a lot of information to make sure you choose the best cigar for you. You can also look for the finest cigar for beginners through various online sources.

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When choosing a cigar, you can choose it based on strength, shape, ring, length, shell, binder, filler, and origin, which we will discuss in detail below.

What Cigar Strength Should I Begin With?

The strength of a cigar is based on intensity, not shape or size, and is individually tailored to your taste. 

Its basic strength is the amount of nicotine, similar to the alcohol content of beer. In terms of strength, cigars are divided into three main categories: soft, medium, and full. 

For starters, it's a smart choice to start with something softer and then work your way up as your taste buds get more seasoned.

Flavor Profiles And Strengths

Just as wine drinkers find a floral or fruity flavor component in wine, cigar smokers pick up a flavor component. Taste preference is perhaps the most important trait to look for in a cigar.

The aromatic notes of cigars range from a rich chocolate profile to spicy and warm. Very similar to grapes, they sometimes have more of a floral scent with fruity undertones. 

The term “body” is used to describe the total amount of fragrance you find and is also broken down into soft, medium, and full.