If you want to fit as much as possible into a vacation in a brief space of time, there aren't many better options than a brief boat. While trips to far-flung areas may not be ideal for short breaks, there is nothing stopping you enjoying a few relaxing days in St. Augustine.

The fantastic thing about best boat tour in St. Augustine is the variety of things to do. The huge boats are not only home to fine dining restaurants, concierge services, and fantastic social gatherings. You can enjoy water sports in the pool, hiking, and diving.

That is only on the boat though. You stop off at regular points in different nations, where you are free to go off by yourself or follow some organized group excursions to museums and famous landmarks. The centerpiece of the boat is the vast marble reception, with glass walls offering a number of the best sea views out there in almost any boat in St. Augustine.

It's also extremely spacious, which means that you won't feel too bloated, even if you're out at sea. The serene, yet quality service provided on this boat provides a great introduction to the wonderful boats for those new to it. There is a sense of openness here, with lots of large windows offering magnificent views of the ocean and all around it in St. Augustine.